Published on: August 25, 2018

Our colleague in Vizag, Dr Vidya Viswanath reports:

“Telangana state has now 8 functional palliative care centres out of 31 planned, one for each district. Each centre consists of 8-10 inpatient / hospice facility in the government hospital and a dedicated home care service. Each of these centres are run by full-time staff consisting of one doctor, 5 nurses, one physio, 2 MPHW, 4 helpers and a driver. All of them have done 6 weeks training in PC and are exclusively meant for PC.

How I wish we were still the united state of Andhra Pradesh !!

But let us hope that this stimulus from Telengana will facilitate and pave the way for well organised palliative care services in Andhra Pradesh too.

Salute to Dr Gayatri and team for making this happen, and setting an example!”