Published on: April 23, 2018

In 2017, Pallium India entered into a partnership with Age care foundation in Vizag to initiate a statewide activity in Andhra Pradesh to promote access to palliative care, Dr N S Raju and Dr Vidya Vishwanath taking the lead.

They report of recent progress:

(Photo: Dr Jitendar Sharma explaining the Government’s plans to launch Palliative care services in all districts of AP)

“Akshaya Trithiya on the 18th of April 2018 shone brightly for palliative care in Visakhapatnam! Sneha Sandhya Age Care Foundation and Two Worlds Cancer Collaborative supported by Pain and Palliative Care Services (Hyderabad) came together for a dedicated palliative care home care service with Dr Gayatri Palat making her third visit to the city. Incidentally, her first visit was to inaugurate the first hospice in the city, the second was to initiate the first IAPC Training in the State and her third was to participate in this Home Care Service inauguration of which was done by Dr Jitendra Sharma MDc and CEO of AP MedTec also known as the Med Tech Man of India. He is the architect for Universal Health Coverage for the State of Andhra Pradesh and the Adviser for Health to the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

A lively and very positive interaction followed regarding the need and urgency for a state policy in palliative care. The policy draft sent by Pallium India had been sent to him and there was a discussion about Private – Public Partnership and the need to involve NGOs for the implementation. Dr Gayatri said, “I wondered if I was travelling this far to inaugurate a van; but now I see this as a milestone and am proud to be part of this movement in Visakhapatnam!”

And may we add that our energy and enthusiasm are sustained because the catalysts and the driving force for the palliative care movement in Visakhapatnam are the stalwarts in medical oncology and palliative care, Dr D Raghunadharao and Pallium India! We are so very grateful for all this support.”

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