Published on: November 20, 2017

The department of Palliative Care of BMCHRC, Jaipur, conducted several palliative care awareness training programmes in October, in keeping with the theme of this year’s World Palliative Care Day: “Palliative Care and Universal Health Coverage – Don’t leave those suffering behind”.

Dr. Vinita Jain, Dr. Manisha Hemrajani & Ms. Arati Hota educated the nurses in BMCHRC hospital on the basics of pain management, basics of palliative care and communication skills. Around 300 postgraduate students from diverse backgrounds were introduced to the concepts of palliative care and the role of community in palliative care. On World Palliative Care day, 14th of October, families of patients in outpatient and inpatient wards were addressed by senior nurses, to help them to understand “What is palliative care?” and “How I can help my loved one”.

The Palliative Care Department organized the screening of the movie “Hippocratic: 18 Experiments in Gently Shaking the World” on the 28th of October for volunteers, doctors, staff and nursing students of BMCHRC College of Nursing. The palliative care team of BMCHRC also participated in different TV & Radio channels to spread the message of palliative care.

Our congratulations to BMCHRC, Jaipur, for their efforts in improving awareness on pain relief and palliative care among the community.

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