Published on: October 24, 2017

Reshma Ramachandran, Medical Social Worker at Pallium India, writes:

Our world will no more be a confined place to live, for people with disability – if we all set our hearts to it.

Three patients under rehabilitation in Pallium India’s “half-way home” enjoyed an evening seeing beautiful flowers, birds, animals and many other fellow beings. This could not have been possible without a wheelchair friendly vehicle donated by State Bank of India (SBI). The happiness that springs in their eyes tells us how much and how long they missed all such lovely things in life. One of the patients, with her husband and little one, was so worried to sit for more than a few minutes but the walk made her confident enough to sit for quite long and she is trying to do her activities of daily living. As a social worker – indeed, as a human being – I am very glad that I could also be a part of this change that made her laugh and try.

The little we are able to do to make their days brighter is something we cherish as an organization. We care for you and we are always with you, we will not restrict you because we respect you.

Thanks to all my colleagues for making this happen; and I await more such memorable days.


This wheelchair-friendly van was donated to Pallium India by State Bank of India on July 1st, 2017, as part of their CSR activities. In the words of Ashla Rani, volunteer for Pallium India, (who is featured in this video) “I always had people around me to lift me and my wheelchair to a car and to take me wherever I wanted to go. But now, this vehicle gives me the pleasure of wheeling myself into it without worrying about hurting someone’s back. The difference is huge! Yes, happy to be cared, happier to be more independent.”

Thank you, SBI, for this very valuable gift.

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