Published on: October 26, 2017

Moonshine Agency based in Australia introduces you to the film Hippocratic: 18 Experiments in Gently Shaking the World.

This is a feature film length biopic that uses the narrative of Dr. M R Rajagopal to shine a light on the existing plight of people in India and other developing countries in dire need of palliative care.

It is a powerful depiction of not just what the Hippocratic oath calls upon the medical community to do, but also challenges the increasingly profit-centric systems and the erosion of ethics that have transformed what should be ‘health care’ into the ‘health industry’.

Hippocratic’s emphasis is on access to palliative care, social justice and equitable healthcare. It is also a celebration of the indomitable human spirit, and the power that we as an evolving society wield to lift up our fellow humans from the depths of despair and darkness, into a life of dignity, free of pain.

Hippocratic is the work of Australia-based Moonshine Agency, directed and produced by Mike Hill.

Dr. Rajagopal has just completed a screening tour across Australia, where the film has been warmly received, amongst many accolades. The film is being screened in different countries. Find a location near you:

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The Hippocratic Oath

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