Published on: August 25, 2017

24 August marked the death anniversary of Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, the celebrated American psychiatrist who transformed “death, the enemy” to “death, the inevitable consequence of life”. Her seminal work on the five stages of grief has allowed clinicians to help people struggling from losses.

On that day, Red FM radio channel at Trivandrum dedicated several hours to Kubler-Ross anniversary and its message of end of life care. Listeners got inspiring words of compassion interspersed with popular music.

Pooja Kashyap, a journalist-turned-artist who has already presented three solo exhibitions in Calicut, Kannur and Payyannoor in the recent past, commemorated the day with the opening of her art exhibition, Celebrating Life, at Russian Cultural Centre at Trivandrum. DGP Lokanath Behra was the chief guest at the event. 30% of the proceeds of the sales go to supporting care of cancer patients through “Art Can Care”.

“My two cousins, a civil servant and a doctor, died of cancer at a very young age and it still haunts me. It is also an ode to them. It is festive season in Kerala and I think it is the best time to do something for the underprivileged,” Pooja Kashyap said. Read the report in The Hindu.

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