Published on: May 10, 2017

This is Sulthan of Murukkumpuzha, Trivandrum, age 14 years. He has just completed his 8th std in school. He lives with his mother (the only earning member in the family, she is employed as a coolie), sister (in 6th std) and Grandmother (a patient).

Sulthan is crazy about cricket and attends cricket coaching class. It is his desire to become a great cricket player that prompted him to take up newspaper delivery as a means to pay for his cricket coaching fees. His day starts at 5a.m. and for 3 hours, he delivers newspapers to 180 homes. After a small break, he is off to tuition class for the next 1.5 hrs. Thereafter he attends school from till 4 pm, after which he goes to play cricket. He earns ₹2,200 pm delivering newspapers of which he retains ₹200 for his cricket coaching fees and hands over ₹2,000 to his mother. He can also play the chenda (drum) which he has learnt for 2 years. By the way, he also finds time to read newspapers.

You are truly inspiring, Sulthan, and will go a long way in life. Keep up the good work.

(This photo of Sulthan was taken at Pallium India’s 3-day Kuttikkoottam summer camp for children, held in April. For more photos of Kuttikkoottam Summer Camp, please click here.)

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