Published on: March 8, 2017

Thank you Odette! Thank you Rotary Suburban! What precious gifts!

You know how costly western text books are. We need them; but can’t afford them. But look at the cartons and cartons of books that we now have. They came as a gift from Dr.Odette Spruyt of Peter McCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne. Rotary Club in Melbourne and Rotary Suburban Club of Trivandrum took the responsibility of sending and receiving them.

Dear Odette, you have been a friend of Palliative Care in India for 2 decades now. You have done so much for our suffering people and you continue to work wonders. Thank you very much.

Mr. Jose Pampackal, President, Mr.Subramoniya Sarma N., Secretary and Dr. N.R.U.K. Kartha of Rotary Suburban handed over the gift to us on March 7th, 2017. Rotary Suburban, we look forward to continuation of your support.

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