Published on: February 26, 2017

“Nurses are the backbone of the society; not only of the health care profession,” said Padmashri Dr. D. D. Patel, winner of the prestigious Dr. B. C.Roy award in 1998.

Food for thought indeed! Are nurses not the ones who look after each one of us and our loved ones, when we need care most in our lives?

During a half hour session at a workshop on palliative care on 24th February, the first day of a three-day Indo-Global submit on head and neck cancer at Jaipur, Dr. Patel chose to speak on the role of nurses – how they are not treated with respect in India and how they are not allowed do their best.

During a whole day devoted to palliative care, there were discussions on various aspects of palliative care including end of life care.

Congratulations to Dr. Anjum Khan Joad and team at BMCHRC- one of Pallium India’s partners in promoting palliative care education in the country.

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