Published on: January 17, 2017

“The layman doesn’t know that pain relief or other symptom control is possible, leave alone psycho-socio-spiritual support. And what is worse, the majority of medical professionals themselves do not know what palliative care is. It is still not taught to medical and nursing students.”

Dr M R Rajagopal, Chairman of Pallium India, is quoted in an article titled Redefining Palliative care published in Health Care Executive published on January 9, 2017. He continues, “There is misconception that palliative care is associated with end of life care and is not recognised as a continuous disease management process.”

Dr Rajagopal explains what motivates him and other palliative care enthusiasts: “What keeps the thousands of palliative care workers in India going is the enormous satisfaction that we get out of the difference that we make. Like the man who comes begging for pain relief is able to smile later and gets to complete any unfinished business or a family is saved from social and emotional destruction.”

Read the complete article Redefining Palliative Care.

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