Published on: December 14, 2016

Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS) takes an apparently small but in potential giant step – a very important step for the future.

Two decades of our advocacy with the Medical Council of India is yet to bear fruit as far as introduction of palliative care in the undergraduate medical curriculum is concerned. A decision was taken; but it is still awaiting implementation.

Now, Kerala University of Hearth Sciences has shown a way forward by incorporating the principles of palliative care into existing undergraduate curriculum. Please read the news in the Times of India.

This is proof yet again of the need for patient, sustained, multi-pronged advocacy. And advocacy. And advocacy. There is no shortcut.

Thank you Dr M.K.C.Nayar, Vice Chancellor, Dr Mohanan, dean, Dr Mangalam, Registrar Ms Geetha, deputy registrar and all others who worked together to make this happen and to model the way for the country.

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