Published on: December 12, 2016

“A lot of things changed when I started using a wheelchair, including my outlook towards life,” said Ashla Rani, Pallium India’s volunteer, at the inauguration of a charity event organised by Allianz Cornhill at Technopark, Trivandrum, on 7th December, 2016. She spoke about her fall from a train five years ago, which made her a quadriplegic. Now she is a full-time volunteer for Pallium India and a part-time software engineer for a Chennai-based company. “There are many others confined to shadows without any support system to bring them out of the darkness. If each one of us extends a hand to them, we can make a positive change in their lives.”

Pallium India was privileged to be invited to the carnival. Many products were on sale in different stalls at the carnival, put up by different departments of Allianz Cornhill. One stall displayed products made by children from H2O, an organization that works towards rehabilitation of autistic children. Ashla, along with her mother Janaki Krishnan and Babu Abraham, Pallium India’s Advocacy Manager, attended the event.

A part of the proceeds from the carnival will go towards Pallium India’s patient care activities. Thank you very much, employees of Allianz for your compassionate gesture and for your willingness to help others in need.

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