Published on: November 20, 2016


10 years back on 19 November, Sheeba joined Pallium India’s Trivandrum Institute as a staff nurse. Today she plays the key role of course coordinator.

A year later on the same day, Preetha joined us as office secretary. She is an office executive now.

They are now two pillars of Pallium India – Strong, yet gentle and kind. (If you now ask how can pillars be gentle and kind, we can only react by saying, well, come and see them!)

We were preparing to celebrate the twin anniversaries, and look who drops in! Two dear Kiwis, Raelee Jensen and Chris Solly. Raelee had worked with us during our initial difficult years in Trivandrum, mentoring our nurses and helping to build our capacity. And Chris had helped time and again teaching.

Thank you for being there, dear Sheeba and Preetha, and keep coming back dear Raelee and Chris.

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