Published on: November 15, 2016


What a day! All of us sat enthralled as Dr Robert Twycross’ analytical words flowed, gently challenging thoughts and guiding us to be better doctors and human beings. Thank you for being co-hosts with Pallium India, IMA Kerala and Consortium of Palliative care units of Ernakulam District at the refresher course in Palliative medicine at CIAL Convention Centre, Kochi, on November 12, 2016.

A day earlier, Dr Twycross was in Trivandrum at Pallium India’s Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS), conducting case discussions and getting to know the place. Prior to that, he had spent time in Bengaluru, in the process inaugurating the Karnataka Government’s State palliative care policy. He also paid a visit to Vellore.

Dr Twycross had mentored almost all of the first generation palliative care physicians in the country. He used to visit twice a year, staying in India for a month each time. He would teach in the USA to earn the money for his voluntary work and related expenses in India.

Thank you Dr Robert Twycross and Deidre – not only for the day, but also for the teaching, mentoring through more than a quarter of a century. You have touched hundreds of thousands of lives in India through your teaching.

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