Published on: November 22, 2016


Thrissur is often called the cultural capital of Kerala – home to thinkers, artistes and the literary. A group of about 60, their common thread being support for palliative care, got together on 20 November 2016 for the first K V Padmavathy Varasyar memorial lecture. A rich discussion followed, concentrating mainly on the following points:

1. The objective of the movement should not be just palliative care delivery; but rather, integration with the healthcare system.

2. The system should look for and be inclusive of the marginalised – particularly women, children and the elderly.

3. It is important to develop the social capital further and not just be satisfied of the volunteer base that exists today, nevertheless keeping in mind any potential threats like vested interests.

Congratulations Pain and Palliative Care Society of Thrissur and thank you for the invitation to be part of the program.

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