Published on: August 7, 2016
KEM workshop

“I don’t know how to change the system; but what I learned during this workshop will reflect in my professional approach in caring for all my patients”, said a doctor who attended a two-day educational program on palliative care at KEM hospital, Mumbai on 15th and 16th July.

The program was organized by the department of Humanities of KEM hospital, in collaboration with Pallium India’s Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS), with the mission of its WHO Collaborating Centre to improve access to pain relief and palliative care. The program, which was primarily meant for undergraduate students, was attended by a large number of nurses and doctors, including post graduate students.

The enthusiasm of the attendees was palpable. As reflected by Dr Lopa Mehta’s comment, “Let us take this forward; this has to be integrated here in KEM hospital,” and in the Dean Dr Avinash Supe’s words, “I am interested in improving availability of essential narcotics in KEM hospital.”

The experience tells us again that a short two-hour sensitisation program may have its value, but we need to go in deeper depth if we are really to effect any change. Congratulations to Dr Nandini Vallath for initiating this activity and our thanks to all the faculty who contributed.

Dr Nandini reports that an important outcome from the meeting is that KEM, in its annual intercollegiate debate, has chosen the topic “The future of medicine does not lie in technology but in the humanities and enhanced clinical skills”.