Published on: April 26, 2016

Seattle Saptaswara and Care & Share joined hands to organize a musical extravaganza to support palliative care in India. We thank the organizers, musicians, volunteers and the Seattle Malayali community for their contribution towards providing pain relief to the suffering millions in India.

Ganolsavam Seattle sm

Ashley Elanjickal from Care & Share writes to us about the event:

Seattle Saptaswara delivered yet another spectacular show on April 16th, 2016 at Kirkland Performance Center in Kirkland, Washington. Since 2009, Ganolsavam is the annual fund raiser of Seattle Saptaswara to support Care & Share’s projects in Kerala, India. This was their best ever fund raiser, gathering more than $25,000 after expenses for the Palliative Care projects driven by Pallium India. Close to 40 volunteers spent close to 3000 hours over a span of six months for the meticulous execution of the event. We specially thank the core band of 20 musicians for sacrificing three months of their weekends for the benefit of a noble cause. With the awesome support of Seattle Malayalee crowd, none of the efforts were gone unnoticed. Thank you Seattle Saptaswara, Care & Share volunteers, and Seattle Malayalee crowd for the grand success of the program. Thank you Pallium India for providing us with the educational content, fund usage report from our previous events, and commitment of reaching quality Palliative Care to thousands of people! More info about the event is available here.

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