Published on: February 19, 2016

Ann Broderick - sm imageDr Ann Broderick, a palliative medicine consultant from Iowa, USA, spent more than three months with us, initially mentoring a group of students who came to us for a three weeks cultural immersion course and then staying on for two months to help and mentor our own team. We all learned such a lot from her – not only the art and science of palliative medicine, but also a great lesson on dedication and commitment.

Ann also envisioned, developed and co-ordinated an activity to get more consultants from other countries to work with us. We get their expertise – but what do they get in return? Perhaps, just the satisfaction that what they put in makes such enormous difference to other people’s lives.

John ElyBefore Ann leaves in mid March, we would have with us Dr John Ely, a palliative medicine consultant from the University of Minnesota, who has previous experience in international palliative care from Eastern Europe. Dr John is vounteering his time till May. He will help us with the six weeks course that starts on March 7th, and also with patient care. We welcome Dr John.

Thank you very much, Dr Ann and Dr John.


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