Published on: January 27, 2016

Pallium India activists Ms Ashla Rani and Dr Siju Vijayan were among the invitees at the annual Republic Day dinner hosted by Shri P. Sathasivam, the Honourable Governor of Kerala, at the Raj Bhavan on 26th January, 2016. It was heart-warming to see that they were included in the guest list, which was otherwise comprised of ministers, senior IAS officers, officers of the Armed Forces, and social and literary luminaries. The Governor personally gave Ashla and Siju gifts and also gave a handsome cheque of donation to Pallium India.

We bow before you, Your Excellency, the Governor of Kerala, Shri P. Sathasivam.

Raj Bhavan

Our new readers may not know that over a year ago, responding to a request from Ashla and her friend George Thomas, the Governor had made the necessary alternations to Raj Bhavan to make it wheelchair-friendly, thus setting an example for India.

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