Published on: December 29, 2015

One of Pallium India’s collaborators is indeed a gem from the Arabian sea – from Lakshadweep islands. Maulana, the founder of the palliative care program, and his team including Dr Ali and nurse Mr Kafi with many volunteers perform wonders there. Our friends and well-wishers Professor Dr R.Krishnan and Professor Dr Padmaja Krishnan visited the islands recently. Here is what they report.

Nurse Kafi and pillion rider Dr Ali on their home visit vehicle.

Nurse Kafi and pillion rider Dr Ali
on their home visit vehicle.

“What impressed us most was the tremendous efforts taken by Moulana to organize domiciliary care to the old, disabled and destitute, many of whom were below the poverty line, providing them air/water-beds, dressing their bed sores, giving them enemata or manually disimpacting faeces, changing their catheters/ nasogastric tubes when needed.

These were all volunteers, who were happily performing these tasks. Moulana himself taught dance in his school. The team was up at 4 every morning, for Palliative Care, then would do their regular jobs from 10-4, then return to caring the sick till nearly midnight, 7 days a week, 52 weeks in a year!

Most of all, the cheer the team spread to each house-hold was amazing- we were welcomed with open arms wherever we went. This spoke volumes for the rapport Moulana’s dedicated team (which includes local doctors, nurses and VIPs) has established.

We were also very impressed by the meticulous detail they maintained records – all clinical details were mentioned, results of Scans and the latest Biochemical results entered. These notes made it easy for us to take in at a glance what was happening to the patients. Also, the Palliative team knew everything about each patient”.

Congratulations, Maulana and team. What a privilege for Pallium India to be your fellow-travelers!

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