Published on: August 15, 2015

Is your city one for its citizens or is it only meant for its completely able-bodied people?

On 22 July 2015, five people on wheelchair – one person with quadriplegia and four with paraplegia – got together with government officials, doctors and social activists to discuss how Trivandrum city in Kerala can be made wheelchair friendly.

These are the action points that emerged from these discussions.

1. Improve public awareness. NGOs can play a crucial part in organizing awareness programs.

2. Conduct awareness programs for builders regarding the needs of wheelchair bound individuals.

3. Fast-track courts should be involved in quicker processing of pension schemes and insurance / accident claims.

4. Submit proposal to the government to create a special wing for handling disability pension schemes for patients and caregivers.

5. Create a group / forum (involving social media) for “wheelchair-friendly” discussions and activities.

6. Submit a proposal for considering special reservation for jobs for differently abled and wheelchair-bound people.

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