Published on: July 5, 2015

Rani (name changed), whose story we had shared with you on 28 June, died peacefully on the morning of Saturday, July 4. She had only five days to live after she reached Chennai. But she died free of pain and free of the maggots and ants that were feeding on her infected leg and tormenting her. She also satisfied many of her desires – some of her favourite food (her life since the tsunami of 2004 did not offer much except very basic needs), including fish. We have unending respect for Dr Republica Sridhar and her team at Karuna Sagar, Chennai, who ordinarily serve vegetarian food but made an exception and got Rani the fried fish that she had asked for, on the last day of her life.

There is one wish, however, that could not be fulfilled. She wanted to see her brother again – the fourteen year old was away, at Puducherry. He had wanted to stay on at Puducherry when Rani was brought to the hospital at Chennai. We found that he had gone out in a fishing boat (we did not know that he was already doing a man’s work) and would not be back for about four days. He could not be reached. Kind Dr Republica Sridhar has got a photograph of the cremation. The brother can at least have the photograph with him, as well as several photographs taken during Rani’s stay in Chennai.

Rest in peace, Rani.

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