Published on: May 9, 2015

Nazeem BeegumNazeem Beegum’s book, My Mother Did Not Go Bald, is a memoir of her experiences when her mother went through cancer and eventually died. The Hindu, in its review, writes, “she subtly touches upon the alienation of senior citizens, the breaking up for family ties in modern Kerala, the emotional turmoil of caring for terminally ill patients and the commercialisation of health care sector that tends to see each patient as just another ‘case’. Nazeem’s candid speak does not spare her family or herself. Disease and death are events that touch every family at some point or other.”

It would be more than worth a read – a sort of preparation for life. All the profit from her book came to Pallium India to support patient care. Nazeem writes to say that the book is available as Print on Demand:

“My book is proof read again to remove printing devils and mistakes. DC Books [Expressions] is ready to print copies of My Mother Did Not Go Bald on your demand. Interested readers are kindly requested to order the book through DC Books – Online Bookstore. Click here to order the book and support the efforts of Dr Rajagopal and Pallium India to raise awareness about palliative care. The book is also available on Amazon Kindle.”

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