Published on: May 29, 2015

Erin Springer - suppliesSee that little mountain of medical supplies – Lymphedema sleeves, bandages, stethoscopes and so on? They are donated with love by someone who cares.

Dr Erin Springer of Yale New Haven Hospital was planning to visit Pallium India; but had a visa problem and could not make it. She decided to contribute anyway. She collected medical supplies – things that we really need over here – from various sources, put them together and send them across.

Thank you very much, Erin. We are very grateful for the supplies. Mr Bruce Davis from UK and Savitri Waney Trust are helping us expand our Lymphedema services. A lot of agonising suffering with Lymphedema following breast surgery for cancer and due to other reasons, usually in the lower limb, are not at all uncommon in our country and we would like not only to establish the service, but also to make it visible to all palliative care centres. When we are done, another significant chunk of suffering, we hope, will vanish from our society.

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