Published on: March 13, 2015

In our March newsletter, we had included an article from the New York Times titled Dying shouldn’t be so brutal.

Dr Sara Varghese, in a comment posted at our site, responds:

This reminds me of three of my doctor friends, all of whom died in their early 80s. I know for a fact that they were very much aware of palliative care. However, the well-meaning, caring, doctor children and close doctor relatives had to give them the “best” possible care by giving them “treatment ” in the best health care hospitals in Kerala. This means that they had their last breath with the help of the ventilators, tubes and high-tech equipments with that nurse and may be doctor too! What happened to the “last breath in their own homes, surrounded by all the loved ones breathing the last in peace, love and possibly a spiritual bliss”?

I still feel at peace for having given my husband a peaceful death in our own home.

Dr Sara’s words stress the importance of ensuring that our wishes be known to our family members.

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