Published on: February 27, 2015

We are confused. We do not understand this phenomenon.

Dr Monica Williams-Murphy says that Indian doctors in the USA are able to accept death much better than American doctors.

Then why is it that Indian doctors in India are unable to accept that? Why is it that they sentence our dying relatives to death by torture, hands and feet tied up, isolated from the family, in air-conditioned chambers, with masked aliens walking around them?

It is true; the Indian villager understands death and accepts it. But we city folk are too westernised, perhaps. If you have a bit of money; beware! The Intensive Care Units could torture you before you die.

Professional bodies have created ISCCM guidelines. The Medical Council of India has guidelines. The Law Commission of India has made recommendations. The Supreme Court of India, in 2010, accepted that dying people should be able to die with dignity.

But does the medical system care?  The torture continues. We ape the west, even when we know we are inflicting suffering.

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