Published on: February 2, 2015

IMG_0917Along with the members of Rotary Suburban, Trivandrum, Pallium India bids farewell to Val and Alan Philips.

Val and Alan have been residents of Trivandrum for several years, and now they are moving to Spain. Val and Alan and Rotary Suburban have been helping us for a long time. Alan would lug around a big donation box for Pallium India to every Rotary meeting and invite contributions. At their farewell party given by Rotary Suburban on 31st of January 2015, Pallium India got a handsome gift – a huge contribution.

RotaryAlan, your compassion and pragmatism have always amazed us. Thank you for being a great humanist. We wish you all the best and hope our paths will cross again.

We also thank the President, Rtn. Ambady Chandrasekharan Nair and all at Rotary Suburban for the continued support.

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