Published on: October 19, 2014

WalkathonAt 9 AM on October 14, Kanakakkunnu Palace at Trivandrum began to fill with youth in white T-shirts, carrying the message “Who Cares? We Do!” They were students from different schools in Trivandrum who had gathered to participate in the Walkathon, organised by Alpha Palliative Care, Thrissur, and Pallium India. The event was organized in association with this year’s World Palliative Care Day. The initiative by K. M. Nooruddin and team of Alpha Palliative Care was aimed at spreading the message of palliative care across Kerala.

Kerala’s Health Minister, Shri V.S.Sivakumar, Education Minister Shri P. K. Abdu Rabb, N.H.M District Project Manager Dr Unnikrishnan and many others were present at the occasion. Shri Nooruddin read out the pledge to everyone present.

35 auto drivers from Medical College area were also part of the event under the leadership of Mr Manmathan and Mr Manikantan. These remarkable human beings had taken an oath that they will help any helpless or sick person that they come across by the roadside and that they will never ignore those who need their assistance, even though this might mean digging into their own pockets to help others.

Pallium India is fortunate to have been a part of this event. We hope that the message will reach every corner of Kerala and people will rise to provide a helping hand to those in need.

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