Published on: September 27, 2014

Amazing discoveries are happening every day in the field of pain management. Despite all scientific advances, it is very difficult for us to treat movement-related pain, especially in conditions like various kinds of arthritis.

See this news, which describes one such advance: New technique enables targeted, controlled delivery of pain meds.

We fear the pain that scientific advances like this cause in India.

Most innovations like this carry with them the cost of the research as well as the enormous profit (usually 50 times the cost of production) that the industry seems to need. The average person, when given an advice by a doctor, sees it as a prescription to cure. Families get destroyed by the cost of treatment. It is seldom the practice in India to explain to the person in detail what exactly the new innovation is going to achieve and the downside of it all. It is essential to have some kind of ethical guidelines before innovations are offered to patients, often destroying families in the process.

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