Published on: September 12, 2014

Moonshine Movies, the producers of Life Before Death, seek support for a follow-up film called “Little Stars” about palliative care for children. “Life Before Death” is an award winning documentary series that brought pain relief and palliative care to the attention of the world.

“We’ve travelled far and wide to capture the amazing stories of young people living with potentially life-limiting illnesses who are achieving amazing things with the support of their palliative care teams. For those receiving this care, the results are extraordinary. However, there are 20 million young people who need this care but access remains an issue (ICPCN). Now, we need your help to finish the project in time for its World Premiere at the World Cancer Congress this December. Even a small contribution can make a huge difference.”

To find out more and see a sneak preview visit the Indiegogo Campaign Site at

To learn more about the project please visit

Little Stars

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