Published on: August 8, 2014

Read this appeal from Mr D. N. Phadke, a library information professional from New Panvel, who is keen on improving palliative care access in Mumbai. Pallium India would add an appeal: please do not restrict this to any particular disease. There is so little palliative care for non-cancer patients in Mumbai.

Mr PhadkeMr Phadke writes: “Palliative Care, in my view, is a neglected area in our country, except in Kerala. It pains me to know that a large number of patients end their life in unbearable suffering. I have a deep interest in improving palliative care access in my locality, the Thane-Kalyan-Dombivli-Badlapur area of Maharashtra.

The task is huge and the efforts of a single person would be too little. If like-minded people including doctors, nurses, volunteers and social workers plus hospitals, funding agencies and individuals join together, we can work towards establishing a good palliative care service in and around Mumbai

I would like to appeal to all those interested in working for the cause of palliative care to kindly respond to me, so that we can organise the task in a better manner.”

D. N. Phadke
D. N. Phadke is a library information professional with expertise in promoting library information technology (LIT) in India through his books, presentations and his association as a course coordinator for P.G. Diploma in library information technology at Pillai Institute of Information technology at New Panvel/Mumbai. He retired from IIT Bombay in 2011, at 62, and further continued to work as a Consultant Librarian at PIIT, New Panvel.

Contact details:
Dattatray Narayan Phadke,
(Retired Dy. Librarian, IIT Bombay)
301, Shree Manisha CHS,
V.P. Road, Pendse Nagar, Lane 3-4,
Nr. Andhra Bank, Dombivli (East) 421201, MH, India
Mob: +919869786186

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