Published on: August 31, 2014

Would you like to spend a year working as a palliative care physician in India and find new meaning to your life? When palliative care professionals from abroad have come and worked with us, their service was precious to us. (We particularly remember with gratitude nurse Raelee Jensen from NZ, Dr Tom Middlemiss from the UK and Dr Wendy Pattemore from NZ who stayed the longest.)

We are looking for doctors who can stay with us for about one year – or at least six months.

What can we offer you? Not a salary, but living expenses – something like what we pay to an Indian doctor as a salary, accommodation and food in our guest house, an opportunity to teach and to shape professionals who want to make a difference, and a huge amount of satisfaction from your work.

Remember, in your own place, if you are not there, somebody else will do your work. Here, there will be nobody. The difference that you make to other human lives in a year with us, we are sure, would be more than what you may from medical practice in the rest of your life put together.

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