Published on: July 3, 2014

When we reported the Amendment of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act in February 2014, the global palliative care community rejoiced with us. Dr Ian Macgrath of INCTR was one of the first ones to write to congratulate. Dr Stephen Dyer wrote, “WOW! That’s a massive goal achieved by amazing efforts. Well done and Thank God.” Mr Bharatrao Kamte said, “Great congratulations are due to your team for the outstanding work done to achieve this historic act. We have finally changed what the British put into place probably to protect their exports of opium to China.” Ms Benita Sen wrote, “Congratulations and hats off to your perseverance. All the best.”

Well, these were just a few of them. Many posted congratulations on Facebook and Twitter, and many called on the phone.

While thanking everyone, we also want to inform everyone that we are making our way to implementation of the Amendment. This is not easy in a country like India, with its enormity of numbers, its federal system which depends on states to implement the legislation and fear among many lurking in the background, of addiction and misuse.

But now that we have got here, we shall get there.

Towards the end of July, there will be a workshop in Delhi, where officials from Excise and Drugs Control from all the states will get together with palliative care experts and Central Government officials to understand the Amendment and to clarify the roadmap to the destination. We shall keep you all informed.


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