Published on: July 7, 2014

Project Hamrahi is a collaborative project of Australasia Palliative Link International (APLI) and Pallium India. A doctor-nurse team from Australia or New Zealand gets linked up with one of the projects catalysed by Pallium India in various parts of India, and spends a week with the local team. Most of the doctors and nurses manning palliative care teams in India have undergone six weeks or less of training with Pallium India. Hamrahi offers them much needed support with interactions to enable them to move forward to improve their services.

APLI Newsletter Header

Please see the newsletter from APLI to see the marvellous progress in Agartala (Tripura), Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) and in Lakshadweep. The newsletter also gives the heart-wrenching experience of Dr Usha Ravi, a palliative care clinician from Melbourne, Australia, whose mother died in a large hospital in Bangalore.

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