Published on: July 14, 2014

True, a lot of suffering is caused by professionals being unaware of principles of pain management. But when they are indeed aware of pain management, lack of access to essential medicines stands as a huge stumbling block. You are aware of the role that Pallium India’s WHO Collaborating Centre and many other organizations, especially the Indian Association of Palliative Care, WHO CC at Madison-Wisconsin, Human Rights Watch etc. have played in overcoming these barriers. In the article in the Lancet (383:9923, 29 March 2014), please read about the efforts that the organization ‘International Doctors for Healthy Drug Policies’ is playing in overcoming the problem. You can also watch a short video in which Dr Khuat Thi from Vietnam, Dr Jim Cleary of WHO CC, Madison and Mr Diederik Lohman of Human Rights Watch speak about the need for a friendly policy.

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