Published on: April 7, 2014

The hall was full at the seminar room in the Super-Speciality block in Medical College Hospital in Trivandrum. Thanks to the initiative by Dr Suharsha Kanathigoda, he and Dr Frank Brennan, two palliative care doctors with a special interest in people with end-stage kidney diseases, accepted our invitation to Trivandrum. On 2nd April, 2014, they spoke to patients and families, and with professionals from the Department of Nephrology. The group discussed how palliative care can be integrated with nephrology practice. Thank you, Dr Ramdas Pisharody, the Principal of Medical College Trivandrum, Dr Jacob George, Head of department of Nephrology and Dr. Mohandas, secretary of Trivandrum Nephrology Club.

On the next day, the 3rd of April 2014, Prof Krishnakumar, the well-known Nephrologist in Trivandrum, took the lead to organize a meeting of the Nephrology Club of Trivandrum. It was a special privilege that not only nephrologists, but many specialists in clinical medicine also attended the meeting. Again, myths were cleared, problems discussed and solutions were sought.

Palliative care and Nephrology

Thank you, Dr Suharsha Kanathigoda and Dr Frank Brennan, and the vibrant group of nephrologists of Trivandrum.

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