Published on: November 30, 2013

Lakshadeep and HamrahiPallium India is particularly proud of its outreach project, for which it collaborates with Thanal Charitable Trust in the Union Territory of Lakshadeep in Kavaratti Island.

Pallium India is equally proud for association with an Australian team – the Hamrahi Project – which undertakes to match Palliative Care professionals from Australia to individual outreach projects of Pallium India to provide annual mentoring support. As part of the Hamrahi project, Dr Sophia Lam and Ms Sarah Rose visited Lakshadweep and spent several days with the local team including the founder of the program, Maulana and the pioneering team, Dr. Ali Azhar Amini and with nurse Mohammed Kafi. The beautiful island of Lakshadweep was also home to a huge burden of disease-related suffering, which the Palliative Care team is now addressing. Project Hamrahi’s support means a lot to us.

Thank you very much, Dr. Odette Spruyt, the chief force behind Hamrahi, Dr Sophia Lam and Ms Sarah Rose. And thank you USCPRC for the funding which allowed us to get started.  Maulana, Ali and Kafi congratulations on all that you have achieved.

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