Published on: May 20, 2013

13 04Dr Roger Goucke from Perth, Australia, spent a week with Pallium India in Trivandrum in early May 2013 braving the summer heat, conducting the EPM course, in which health workers are taught not only the essentials of pain management, but also to teach it to others. We do aim for some serious follow up action.

Dr Goucke also joined the local experts to conduct a one-day workshop for doctors from all over the state on 10 May 2013. Organized by Dr Gopakumar, Dr Baburaj and colleagues on behalf of the Trivandrum branch of Indian Society of Anesthesiologists, this was successful program held at the Regional Cancer Center reached out to 30 doctors. This was followed by a three day conference on Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain management.

The growing interest of medical professionals in pain management is palpable.

It was Pallium India’s privilege to work with the Indian Society of Anesthestists on these programs.

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