Health Care in India – A Perspective

2013 March 25
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See the article by Dr Rajendra Pratap Gupta to read about the Public Account Committee (PAC)’s report on Indian Health Care scene in “Modern Medicine” – and about the optimism created by India’s new Health Secretary Shri Keshav Desiraju.

Healthcare policies in India: Setting the right priorities

On February 1, 2013, Keshav Desiraju took over as the nation’s Health Secretary. Over the past few years, he has worked in the Union Ministry of Health & Family welfare on various senior positions, like Joint Secretary, Additional Secretary and Special Secretary. Known for his friendly attitude and realistic thinking, expectations are high from him. India is likely to see more action at the Ministry in the next two years. As the nation’s top official who has to look after the policies and programmes for 1.21 billion people, what could be the right priorities ? Is it mother & child health, chronic diseases , rural health… and the list goes on…

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