Published on: March 11, 2013

What does it mean to say goodbye?
Is it about making a painless departure?
Or encasing the memories for those left behind?
AFTER CICELY explores the meaning of modern hospice and palliative care through the eyes of five inspiring women in Asia. This is a visual journal of how they pave final journeys with empathy, dedication and love.

The Lien foundation gives us a short film After Cicely – Asian Women In Palliative Care, commissioned by the Lien Foundation, featuring five members of APHN from Bangladesh, Mongolia, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam.

After Cicely is a documentary film on five inspiring women from Asia, who have spent their lives helping families in pain.

Following the efforts of Cicely Saunders, a British physician who founded the modern hospice movement and emphasized the need for palliative care, these women have braved adversity with tenacity and heart to lift the bleakness of death for the terminally ill. This film is a visual journal of how they pave final journeys with empathy and love.

After Cicely celebrates their indomitable spirit in line with Lien Foundation’s Life Before Death initiative and International Women’s Day.

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