Published on: December 26, 2012

Health ministerPallium India team had gone along with Dr Gautam Majumdar to meet the Hon. Health Minister of Tripura, Shri Tapan Chakraborty. We were ready to explain to him what palliative care was. We did not need to. Shri Chakraborty talked to us about the implications of cancer on the person and particularly on the family. He also had a clear vision about how palliative care work was to be taken forward, about training master trainers who would propagate the training of health care workers and so on. We found the same degree of awareness when we met the Chief Secretary Shri S.K.Panda IAS and the Health Minister Shri J.K.Sinha IAS.

Dr Gautam Majumdar, head of RCC, Agartala and his colleagues have certainly worked hard and spreading the word, but they are obviously privileged to have such knowledgeable and pro-active Government.

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