Ahmedabad | Published on: November 6, 2012

Dr Geeta Joshi, writing from Ahmedabad in Gujarat, informs us about the wonderful developments in Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute. The institute’s new Department of Palliative Medicine was inaugurated on 03 November 2012. Dr Geeta Joshi is the Head of the Department. She has also been elevated to the position of Deputy Director of the institute.

Dr Geeta Joshi

Congratulations Dr Geeta Joshi. We all share your joy. We see this as a very important step for Gujarat. The otherwise progressive state has so little palliative care. (Pallium India has a project in Medical College, Jamnagar, where Dr Suresh Agarwal has developed a palliative care center with Dr Jitesh Sarvaiah as palliative care physician; but to the best of our knowledge, these two are the only palliative care centers in the state).

We are also glad to note that JivDaya Foundation (JDF) headed by Dr Vinay Jain is supporting the palliative care program at Ahmedabad – one of more than 20 programs supported by JDF.

Congratulations Dr Geeta Joshi. Your hard work, enthusiasm and initiative are paying off.

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