Published on: November 7, 2012

The first Dr Palpu Memorial Award was handed over to Pallium India’s chairman at the full V.J.T Hall in Trivandrum by Sri K.C. Joseph, Cultural Affairs Minister of Government of Kerala on the 149th birthday of Kerala’s revered physician and social reformer, Dr Palpu.

Dr Palpu

The saga of Dr Palpu’s life has one close relationship with palliative care. His first salary as a doctor was spent on buying blankets for the poor in the street, who would be shivering with cold in the winter months.

When you remember that the word “Pallium” (from which originated the phrase “Palliative Care”) means a cloak or a cover, the relationship is striking, is it not?

We thank Dr Palpu Memorial Foundation for the recognition to palliative care and to the handsome purse which Pallium India really needed, of course.

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