Published on: October 30, 2012

Ever noticed the figure of the man on Pallium India’s logo?  He forms the “A” following the first letter P, protected on both sides by a hand each.

A group of people from several countries joined hands to re-create him on the beautiful beach at San Diego, California. It was fun; but fun while learning. As four teams worked independently to make sand castles, they learnt how to work with strengths and weaknesses of other team members.

This is the second cohort of “leaders” selected from the palliative care field all over the world to undergo a two year program which includes three 7 day contact sessions in San Diego.

This time the 20-strong group included four Indian leaders, Dr Anjum Joad from Jaipur, Dr Chitra Venkateswaran from Kochi, Dr Dinesh Goswami from Guahati and Dr Shoba Nair from Bangalore, with Pallium India’s chairman as one of the mentors.  The group also included two of India’s next door neighbours, Dr Bishnu Paudel from Nepal and Dr Rumana Dawla from Bangladesh.

The imaginative program is conducted under the leadership of Dr Frank Ferris, Director of San Diego Institute of Palliative Medicine, ably supported by a team including Dr Shannon Moore, Dr Eileen Piersa, Stephanie Whitmore, Debra Pledger-Fonte and many others.

Ms Mary Callaway of Open Society Foundation and Ms Katherine Pettus of Pettus Foundation represented the founders.

Kudos to the LDI team!

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