Published on: July 18, 2012

It was wonderful to have so many participating in the Sevathon 2012 on 15 July.

We had high number of registrants running and walking for Pallium, bright eye-catching t-shirts designed by Divya and her friends with the Pallium Logo.

Pallium India-USA runners and walkers won a total of 10 prizes in various categories, congratulations!

One response to “Pallium India-USA at Sevathon 2012”

  1. Kersi Daruwalla says:

    My comment comes in way of a question…..many questions…..
    Where are all the male folk?
    Did no men participate from Pallium?
    I accept the blame but look forward to a male team at the next Sevathon. Get enjoy and have fun. Age is no barrier for fun.
    Happy Birthday (belated) Divya.