Published on: February 3, 2012

Supporters handing out “syringe” pens to passers-by at the financial district of Raffles Place in Singapore on February 1, 2012 ahead of the World Cancer Day. GETTY IMAGES

You can’t have missed the “Stop the Pain” banner at the top of the site, which takes you to our special Stop the Pain donation page.

To coincide with the premiere of the LIFE Before Death feature film and World Cancer Day, the Lien foundation organised a wonderful initiative in Singapore. 70 volunteers took to the streets of the City to distribute more than 20,000 syringe-shaped pens and information about the crisis in untreated pain. This from the Gabriel at Lien:

Stop the Pain Volunteer in Singapore

On 1 Feb, we have volunteers in Singapore to distribute pens with an insert, which says:

“Go to and find out how just US$20 can provide a month’s pain relief to patients at the remarkable Pallium India – an organisation that’s changing the way people view palliative care.”

This will also be provided on the media releases.”

20,000+ syringe-pens distributed!

Why not donate?

Remember, just US$20 = one month of pain relief.

We’ve also been given the wonderful news that in addition to the donations from supporters in Singapore, the Lien Foundation has pledged US$100,000 to Pallium India. Half of the funds will go to buying pain relief medicine for the poor and the other half to train doctors and nurses in pain treatment.

Thank you Lien Foundation, Volunteers and Donors!

Watch the interview with Assoc Prof Cynthia Goh and Dr Rajagopal on Channel News Asia’s AMLive:

News report in TODAY: The need for better pain management