Kolkata | Published on: January 23, 2012

Dr. Sanghamitra Bora from Thakurpukur Cancer Center and Research Institute, Kolkata, writes to say,

I was one of the panelists in “Meet the Scientist” program in Eastern India Science Fair at Kolkata.

It was good to be with young students of 4th to 12th. There were about 250 young children and you won’t believe, they came up with such beautiful questions.

One sixth standard student asked me: “Is there a relation between science and religion? And what is it?”.

Another question was: “Do you mean to say that you have been defeated by cancer once it has been declared incurable?”

Many of them took my number and shared their experiences while dealing with cancer patients who were their relatives.

Congratulations, Dr Sanghamitra.

No doubt, advocacy would be most worthwhile when we work with young minds.

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