Published on: November 20, 2011

Host a Screening!

Have you been following the weekly LIFE Before Death short films being released by “Moonshine Agencies”?

They have caused quite a ripple in palliative care advocacy the world over.

Mike Hill and Sue Hill who produced the series with Lien Foundation (with support of several international agencies) are coming out with a feature film “LIFE Before Death” to be released on 2 February 2012 – 2 days before World Cancer Day.

The film will be screened on that day in Singapore, and the producers call upon the international palliative care community to arrange screening of the film in your own individual locations.

The two key benefits:

  1. A Tool in Advocacy: Of course the public must see it, but if we can get politicians, administrators or celebrities to see it, that should help to facilitate our job of caring for patients.
  2. Fund-raising: Associated with the release of the film (particularly as it is close to World Cancer Day), we could organize fund-raising events – charity dinners with celebrity, walks or runs, or other events.

Moonshine Agencies would help you with the following, if you want to arrange a screening of the film:

  • A DVD to screen the film from.
  • A guide with suggestions on how to host the screening, ideas for the event, a petition form, presenter notes and a promotional poster.

Moonshine agencies guidelines:

  • The event should harmonise with the activities of the host organization by helping to solicit support for your programs
  • The film should drive a mediated discussion around relevant local issues
  • The event should engage local media and decision makers to attend the event.
  • You will have to organize a location and facility to screen the film (either a hall or cinema with a projector and speakers or at least a room with a big TV and DVD player).

Would you like to organize such an event in your locality?

Get full information from the LIFE Before Death website: HOST A SCREENING…

Write to us if you are planning an event in India, Pallium India plans to be associated with the program in many states and can include you in the planning of it.

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