Alleppey | Published on: October 19, 2011


Prakash came in with a donation for Pallium India on the occasion of his father-in-law’s death anniversary. His wife, Bindu, had wished it. And had died six days after her father.

Bindu had been under Pallium India’s care for quite some time. Life was not easy for her especially towards the end.

Yet, during those last few days, she had intimated her desire not only for this donation, but also for something most people would not do.

Bindu did not want her body cremated, but wanted it donated to a Medical College so that medical students could dissect it and learn anatomy. She wrote down her desire and intimated it to Prakash, who was determined to fulfill her wish.

But it was not easy. Traditions and rituals stood in the way. Many relatives found it  hard to accept the situation.

Fortunately for Prakash, an uncle took a firm stand and declared, “Her desire WILL be fulfilled”.

Prakash went through the formalities and handed over her body to Alleppey Medical College.

Bindu, thank you for this lesson in giving. We bow to your memory.

Prakash is now an informal consultant on the formalities for anyone who wants to do the same thing for themselves or a loved one.

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