Published on: October 27, 2011

Sometimes, when the day is bleak, and there seems to be only darkness, callousness and cruelty all around you, there comes a ray of sunshine.

Holy Angels’ School, Nanthancode, Trivandrum brought on such a bit of light into one family’s life – a follow up action on our blog post ‘What is it Like to be a 13-year-old with Cerebral Palsy in India?

Holy Angels' students visting Arun G Raj's home

Here’s a report on the Holy Angels’ action, from Indian Express:

Showering light into darkness

The Heavens OpenAnyone who visits the 13-year-old spastic child Arun G Raj – confined to a leaky brick-walled room – would realise how blessed they are. So it was for the 15 students of the Holy Angels’ School, who saw him at Panathura on Monday.

The students and teachers of the Holy Angels’ School had decided to help this teenager, who cannot walk, stand or even sit without help, after reading an article titled ‘Care From a Mother’s Heart’ published in the City Express on September 16.

The students, motivated by their principal Sr Linis Noronha, started a campaign on the ‘Joy of Giving’ week, collecting little donations to help Arun in some way or the other. They interacted with the NGO Pallium India, to decide on the best way to help out Arun’s family.

Little acts of kindness finally heaped into a massive Rs 76,500, almost the amount that the building engineers said would be needed for renovating the little shack which belonged to Arun’s aunt, Suprabha.

A widow herself, Suprabha has been giving shelter to Arun and his mother Ajitha ever since Arun’s father died.

Not only will these students be able to replace the leaky roof, but the money can also light up the little house where Arun lives. Until now, the nights were jet black; for, they could not electrify the house with the leaky roof. Electricity might also mean that the life of little Arun can be made happier with music, because Arun shows a keen interest to the different sounds he hears.

The dismantling of the roof, concreting and electrification is estimated to cost Rs 80,000. Plastering and changing window shutters would need a little more money.

Ajitha, Suprabha and the volunteers of Pallium India hope that the light lit by the youngsters would be carried on by others in the society.

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